Adenomyosis: a modern vision

Adenomyosis is a common gynaecological disease but, despite its high prevalence and very negative impact on the patients’ quality of life, it is an under-investigated disease, with a total number of PubMed-indexed publications around 10% of that on endometriosis. As a result, its diagnosis and clinical management represent a big challenge.

In the last 10 years a rapidly increasing body of information has allowed for a better understanding of its pathogenesis and pathophysiology. Furthermore, the landscape for its diagnosis and clinical management has been changing rapidly. Imaging techniques have improved diagnostic accuracy, thus helping in the choice of correct treatment decisions. The use of dienogest, the approval of GnRH antagonists, the advent of revolutionary surgical procedures, and various ablation methods have increased the therapeutical options and allow for personalized treatments while increasing the treatment effectivity, however, comorbidities may influence symptoms, so a multidisciplinary approach is essential to improve the results. Pregnancy may interfere with the course of the disease and adenomyosis may increase the risk of some obstetrical complications.

The aim of this joint meeting between WES and SEUD is to describe, by world-renowned clinicians and scientists, the current state of the art vision of different aspects of adenomyosis, including both basic research and clinical management and also future perspectives. A unique programme that stands out for the quality of its content and its excellent teaching staff, composed of elite professionals, with years of experience in this disease.

The meeting is designed for gynaecologists, obstetricians, registrars, trainees, nurses, and adenomyosis researchers with an interest in adenomyosis, including support groups. After attending this symposium, they will acquire expert knowledge of this disease and the necessary skills for its treatment.