Endometriosis UK Charity Bike Ride
Saturday 29th April-Tuesday 2nd May 2023

We are targeting clinicians and industry staff attending WEC2023 from across the world. If you are attending the Congress and would like to work towards a challenge, you have found it! You may be attending the Congress from outside the UK and are arriving via London – why not reduce your carbon footprint and cycle up to the Congress? Don’t forget to bring your road bike.

Riders will be raising money for Endometriosis UK, a national charity raising awareness about Endometriosis. Industry sponsors will be offered the opportunity to donate and sponsor the ride, with logos printed on custom made cycle jerseys for riders to wear on the ride. The group will welcome riders from industry if they wish to attend the ride whilst raising monies for the charity.

All monies raised will go direct to the charity.  All cost and expenses of the ride will be shared amongst the riders, which will include accommodation on a twin shared basis in Solihull, Preston, Carlisle, Rental cost of van hire and fuel and other sundries for support vehicle.

Riders will need to register with an initial deposit of £100, paid via Endometriosis UK. Further amounts will be requested 2-3 months prior to the ride.  The aim is to keep costs as low as possible. Once riders have reached Edinburgh, riders should have their own accommodation booked for their arrival and throughout the duration of the WCE2023 Congress.

The ride is not insured and all riders ride at their own risk.

Distance and route

Start: Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologist, London, Home of Endometriosis UK

Finish: Edinburgh International Conference Centre,
WCE2023 Venue

Approximately 450 miles/720kilometres

Each day will be 100-120 miles (160km-190km),
cycling as a group.

Day 1 – Saturday 29th April
Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologist (RCOG)/Endometriosis UK, London – Spalding, via Cambridge

Day 2 – Sunday 30th April
Spalding – York

Day 3 – Monday 1st May
York – Newcastle upon Tyne

Day 4 – Tuesday 2nd May
Newcastle upon Tyne – Edinburgh Conference Centre

* Please note, this is the provisional planned route but it is subject to change.


By May 2023, riders should be capable of riding daily distances and be comfortable in riding in a group. The ride will be supported, with vehicles carrying the luggage of riders. Stops will be scheduled approximately every 2 hours, until daily destination is reached.

The ride will challenge cyclist to cycle across England and Scotland up to the Congress to raise awareness of Endometriosis prior to the Congress. It will not be an easy ride and riders will be expected to work as a team to help reach the destination. Riders will no doubt rise to the challenge. As we are cycling in the UK, we cannot guarantee the weather will be fair weather cycling, but this is part of the challenge that awaits us.


The deadline for registration is Saturday 31st December 2022. Please email Lutfi.Shamsuddin@wales.nhs.uk or Chris.Hardwick@ggc.scot.nhs.uk for further details or register now.